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We'll wait outside. I see him coming over the bridge. I ate too much today.

Can Gill really be as rich as people think he is? I haven't seen one like this before. She said he would be sixteen next month. The government of the United States put down the biggest terrorist.

We'll leave now. She killed herself at the age of thirty. This is Copacabana! Vic usually loses at blackjack. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. I want to eat something good. Tricia certainly knows how to pick stocks. Toby has been out of town since last Saturday. I'm going to call Yvonne. A friend told me that story.

Can you guess how old I am? My speakers are kid toys compared to yours. I hear you wanted to see me? Vincent invited me to her house after school. Dan put the body in the back of his pick-up truck. He turned his thoughts toward home. I come when I can. I'm sure Jackye wouldn't want you to catch cold. I need sleeping pills.

Sharks have been seen from the rigging - it is not safe to bathe any longer; - be quick, get into the boat. We've been expecting Lar. Don't go through the lobby. Could you please put that somewhere else? Jared wasn't the one who broke the window. I can't believe you've done this. "Vicky, you have to trust me." "I don't trust you!" You could've killed us both. Anderson looked at Gabriel, but said nothing. I really cannot find any error in his theory.

I don't think it's very healhty to cut out whole groups of foods like fats. It is better to remain silent, than to talk without purpose. Her boyfriend was not supportive. I'm going abroad next summer. This is the only picture I have of my great-great-grandfather. Its author is little more than a college kid.

I like listening to music when I'm not doing anything. Kee didn't sound very optimistic. Do you enjoy living like that? Lui is next up. He escaped from prison thirty years ago and has been on the lam ever since. Today I was in church. That was really difficult. I tried to make an inconspicuous exit from the party.

In terms of the pay you will get, is this a good job? There had never been a conflict between Dan and Linda. May I put it here? With God's help, we will know sorrow no more. How much English can you speak? They talked throughout the night. Mongo is successful, isn't he? Do I have to pay you?

Now it's hard to get a good advice: where should I go? Kerri's a drunk. It is good to be kind to old people. You have until Monday to do that. Where's the restroom? He has got over the trouble. You must certainly vote in the elections. It's likely to take much longer than you think it will. Her health is improving.

What did you recommend? Her leave request was denied. I wish I knew as much as you do. Adam doesn't think it's such a big deal. I want to become a teacher. The end of the rainy season came late this year. Jose missed a critical piece of information. I'm sure he is keeping something from me. There is nothing for you to be afraid of.

Just let me handle this. What does that suggest to you? It has been raining. The roads are wet. That has to be a misprint.

The supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy remained a mystery for thousands of years... Am I going to have to do this by myself? Your comment is not relevant to the matter.

We made good time until we ran into a blizzard. I can't help looking up to Julie. Finally, What did you buy the last day? I have been busy today. We gave you everything you asked for. I don't know why in my dreams, she isn't there. Maybe she doesn't want to be there not to disturb me. He welcomed the news from his heart. Jun turned to the bartender and ordered another drink. Are you going to be able to help Rupert?